Abortionists Want it Both Ways


They can’t have it both ways! The inconsistencies of the argument make no sense.

The arguments plied by those supporting abortion make no sense. They argue there is no problem to “dispose” of an unwanted pregnancy. Yet, when confronted with a murder of a pregnant woman, the perpetrator is charged with two murders, the mother and the child.

Arguments for abortion claim that life doesn’t begin until a specific date. They argue it is but a “blob of cells” with little viability. Until a “fetus” is viable, they claim it has no rights.

It has been proven unborn children develop a heartbeat at five weeks and fingernails nine weeks after conception. The brain is growing and the infant can taste at ten weeks. By thirteen weeks, the body is fully developed and often sucks its thumb, and smiles by sixteen weeks.

Unborn children live, with separate DNA and all the necessary body parts. They just need a mother to carry them while they grow big enough to survive away from them.

Unborn children are individuals and deserve the same protection in law as a child after birth. Murder is murder, regardless of age or birth status.


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