About Angelique Conger, Author


Throughout my life, I have been a writer, not a published author, a writer. I write poetry when I am sad, or need to express myself. In all the years my husband was a member of the United States Navy we never lived close to my parents and family. Thus, I wrote letters, or books—never just one page, but lots and lots of pages. As a university student the challenge was never to write enough to meet minimum page requirements, but to reduce all the words and pages I’d written to meet the “no more than” requirement.

Through the years I’ve wanted to write short stories or novels. I’ve written the beginning chapter of several novels, and could never quite get any farther. Last October (2013) my sister challenged me to participate in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writer’s Month, and the challenge was to write a novel, or get a great start, by writing 50,000 words in November. As November is a busy month for me, my goal was to be finished before Thanksgiving. I wrote more than my 50,000 words on time, and finished my novel my mid-January.

Then the work began, for, as usual, I have to reduce the number of words and pages, and add some details I left out. Months later, I hope to be close to the end of that editing process. Now, I need to decide: traditional or self-publish? What would you do?

Oh, I’m a mother of five, a grandmother of eight. I love my husband; we’ve been together for a few decades, and still like each other. I love to read, write, play piano (and teach a piano lesson or two) crochet, and play with my grandchildren. Now, back to my editing.



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