World Wars, Then and Now


World War l began one hundred years ago this month. That signaled the beginning of wars across the world. Few days have passed in the years since then without war in some part of the world. Many parts of the world continue to be torn apart by warring factions, either from within or without their countries. Much of the world even now abhors the deaths of children. Children are flooding across the United States borders because they are fleeing wars in their own countries.

Our world is war-torn. Brother fights against brothers, neighbor kills neighbors. Hate and envy fills the earth. We desire peace, we cry for peace, we hope for peace, we even pray for peace. But nothing works. War continues. Children die. Hate envelopes love; dark swallows the light of peace.
What will change this? Can anything?

Those of us who believe in Christ and His great love maintain a hope for a future of peace, joy, and love. We know it will come, sometime. Until then, we must face the horrors of war. We must see pictures and movies of the inhuman ways men behave in war. We must fear for our lives and the lives of our children. We fear that the things we see on television and in the news will invade our small peace, or the peace we think we have.

Eve saw the beginning of war in her day. Her family broke up, children chose disobedience, chose to follow Lucifer whose desire was to destroy Father’s plan. They became fearful of their neighbor, greedy for what others had, wanting it without working. They sought for power and fame, with a desire to be better than others.

In the search for power and glory, city fought city, people battled people, and kingdom conquered kingdom. Families were separated. Conquered were enslaved. Worse, women were violated and forced into prostitution. People who lost their gods created their own in idols of wood, stone, and precious metals and gems. Sorrow and grief filled their lives, along with war and death.

How different is their world from ours? Wars increase, darkness attempts to reign. And it will continue until Christ returns to rule and reign with peace and the missing love we crave. Adam saw our time and shared what he saw with his beloved Eve. They knew what we would face. They knew our children would face the horrors of war and hate. But they knew peace will come, sometime.
When faced with the loss of her children after Cain fled to Nod, she foresaw their pain and grief. I feel it as I write her story in Eve Remembers. I imagine she would have written a letter to Cain, which went something like this:

“I grieve for you. You, for whom I had brightest hopes, full of love and intelligence. You with the most to gain from Father’s love. You who walked and talked with God. Your opportunity to be one of Father’s brightest, standing for truth, sharing his word in a way your brothers and sisters would understand. Greatness was yours. And extremely blessed.

You gave it all up. You turned away from the light, thinking darkness would suffice. Darkness never has, nor will it ever provide as the light does. You will find when you are no longer needed, darkness will throw you away. Pray to the dark. Pray to your false god. It will never give you light or joy given by Father in Heaven.

You fell for the trap of power and fame. You wanted something you already had, if you needed less urgently. All that the Father has was yours, and you gave it up. For what?

I do not understand.

You fell for lies. Lucifer said he is also a son of God. At one time, yes, but he has fallen. You stand in his presence easily. Does a light shine from him? No, for he is fallen from the grace of God. Can you touch him? No, for he has no body.

He told you there are many gods to obey. Know you not that Father is a jealous God. He is not jealous like you are, not jealous of another’s good deeds and obedience. Knowing light, love and all good comes from Him, He jealously guards His children.

You will be told you can worship gods of wood and stone, gods of beautiful jewels, all created by your hands. Can you believe that things of wood or stone can solve your problems? Will they heal your babies, fight your battles? Provide you with love and tenderness? How could it? You created it. How can it be a god?

To you, woman is a slave, to be trod beneath your feet, to answer to your every command. You beat her, you abuse her. She no longer stands at your side to be protected. Why? To prove you are big and strong? How sad. She could help you in so many better ways, if you would allow her to be a help meet, rather than a servant.

Your women will create goddesses to soothe them, to give them the peace Father would have given them. More false gods will salve their hearts, when the one true God would gladly hear their pleas, and yours, providing light and love.

Oh, my child. I weep for your bad choices, for the results that must follow. I fear that your life, and that of your children, will be filled with trouble, sin, and sorrow.”

Can we manage to overcome our pride and our selfishness long enough to end war? Stand with me against war and for peace. Stand for love. Let’s encourage our leaders to end war. We do not want another World War, yet the world is fast racing toward it.


The Present is the Place to Live


“The past of each of us is now inflexible. We need to concentrate on what has been called “the holy present,” for now is sacred; we never really live in the future. The holy gift of life always takes the form of now. Besides, God asks us now to give up only those things which, if clung to, will destroy us!”
-Neal A. Maxwell

It is only in the present that choices are made, wrongs repented of or forgiven, hugs are given, lives are lived. Life does not happen it the past. Though it may be forgotten, it is gone, and there is little to be done about it, except learn from mistakes or successes, and beg forgiveness if possible.

The future is similarly untouchable. We can plan for it, hope and dream of it, but not live there. No one lives in past or the future and truly lives.

The present is where life is lived. Here we make choices and deal with the consequences, whether they be good or bad. In the present we stay up too late, or rise from our beds early. We eat too much, or diet too intensely. We love those we are with, or ignore them, and forever wish we had spent more time loving and laughing.

Each moment of our lives is sacred; no second is garbage. Time spent playing silly games alone, or viewing horrible movies is a waste of our precious life. It would be better to choose sharing life with others, new friends or old, family, children, and grandchildren.

It is true that some of that time must be spent working. God placed us on earth to work, to learn, and to learn to love. Yes, work is often unpleasant; it often requires more of our life than we would like to give. It is needful, but it is more needful to remember that it is only a part of our life.

Some believe that sports are important and spend excessive hours following, watching, and thinking about a sport, or many. In moderation, and with loved ones, they are fine, but in excess, they do not build our lives. Other pursuits rob us of valued life.

It has been said that no one lies on their death bed wishing they had spent more time at work, or at a ball game. No one clings to a diploma or trophy. Everyone seeks for the hand of someone who loves them. The greatest sorrow is time not spent loving family.

Do all you possibly can to mend fences, travel distances to be with parents or grandchildren and children, give up time for your hobbies, read to a little one. Make the memories your family will have of you be positive and full of love. Teach them that of all the gifts of God, family is the greatest.

I have seen families torn apart by grudges and silliness. Those days are lost, never to be returned. But, the cause of the grudge can be forgiven, and great rents mended. Children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews need to know their families, need to know they are part of something important. And your family is important.

You may live to be 30, or 100, or somewhere in the middle. What are you doing to make that last breath a time of shared love? It cannot happen in a moment. Love takes time to develop. The love of a new child is instantaneous, but families require decades to grow. Will you have someone to love you, someone to hold your time at the moment you leave this earth to meet your God?

Our Children Sex Slaves?


This week the news reported that the FBI arrested many men and women across America and freed children who had been enslaved and used in the sex trade—for pornographic movies and as prostitutes. No. This is not other, foreign countries, this is America.

To what depths have we sunk? Our children sold or stolen to be slaves to porn creeps? Our beautiful children? How can this be? Haven’t we been told it is other countries that sell or take children for sex slaves?

Our children deserve better! We all deserve better. No one deserves to have to endure this.

Unfortunately, it seems we all have a portion of the blame. Pornography is rampant everywhere. Our children are confronted by its filth on computers as soon as they learn to ride the internet looking for information. The porn predators make it easy for anyone to stumble on their grossness.

And what do we do? Click away. We rarely complain to our internet server. I know of no one who complains to the FCC. I have not. Have you? We thought to protect their “rights”, we thought someone else would speak. No one has, until lately, now that it is nearly too late.

Porn sites are a given on the internet. “Men’s” magazines have long spewed their smut, and few complained. Most peeked and were titillated. Prostitution has continued for thousands of years.

This does not make any of this right! It is never right to use and abuse another person, for sex or any other purpose. Men and women use each other as objects, as things, rather than remembering they are people with feelings and rights. Prostitution is just one way we use women and young children. Pornography is another. Both seriously hurt our children.

There are many plagues affecting the population of the earth, but pornography is one of the worst. Revelations told of plagues to affect the earth in these days. Another prophet, Mormon, seeing our day proclaimed:
        “Turn, all ye Gentiles, from your wicked ways; and repent of your evil doings, of your lyings and deceivings, and of your whoredoms, and of your secret abominations. . .”

I have heard many prostitutes proudly proclaim that they are “part of the oldest profession on earth.” I beg to differ. The oldest profession is farming, Adam and Eve participated in growing crops, farming for a living—a profession. Beyond that, Adam was God’s Priest. Those who try to push sexual perversion are in direct opposition to God’s laws, and are hurting themselves and those they force into participation.

What can we do? Support the FBI in locating more of these perverse people and groups who have enslaved women and children. Call the FCC and complain about the smut in movies, on television, and on our computers. Join together with others who fight against this garbage, and let’s end the nonsense!